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Chinese Plywood - Hardwood Faced Panels offer a good quality face veneer and the poplar core makes the plywood lighter than similar panels constructed of other hardwoods. The surface is good for painting and veneering.  We can also offer “hardwood throughout” panels for applications requiring a stronger product.

Far Eastern Plywood - Far Eastern plywood products are generally made from tropical hardwood and are manufactured in Malaysia.  We stock top quality plywood from well-known manufacturers based in this region.

Chipboard - Chipboard is generally available in Standard Grade, which is normally about 650kg/m3 density, and Flooring Grade which is about 720kg/ m3 density.  Standard grade is widely used in furniture manufacturing and general joinery, particularly where the boards will be “hidden”.  Flooring grade is manufactured with a tongue and grooved profile, moisture resistant P5 can be used on bathroom floors etc.

Coniferous Plywood - From  hoardings to top quality flooring and concrete formwork, we have a panel suitable for the purpose.  We stock a range of panels which will cover most requirements, including structural work where a CE2+ has been specified.

Hardboard - We stock a full range of Standard and White Painted hardboards.  Hardboard is commonly used as a floor covering but can also be used in a wide range of panelling and cladding applications. Easy to cut and fix and can also be painted.

Fibreboards - We hold stocks of 20% Impregnated Insulation Boards and Sundeala K Boards.

Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) - MDF offers smooth surfaces and a uniformly dense core, which make it suitable for cutting, machining and moulding.  Widely used in furniture manufacture and can be veneered, laminated, or painted to offer a range of finishes.  Standard MDF is unsuitable in applications where panels are to be exposed to moisture. MR grade MDF must be used in these cases

OSB - Orientated Strand Board is an exterior grade panel and has many packaging and sheathing uses where a solid faced panel is required.  The product is made to very strict manufacturing tolerances.  We only stock OSB 3 (Conditioned Grade) which offers more stability in moist conditions.