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We offer a full range of plasterboards to meet all dry lining requirements, including high performance boards for greater fire, moisture, vapour, sound and impact results.

Wall board is strong, versatile and great value; it’s also the key cladding component in the majority of partitions, linings and ceilings. Base board is a handy sized plasterboard suitable for use as a base for plastering. Vapour panel has a metallised polyester foil laminated on the grey paper face, creating an effective vapour barrier.  Moisture panel is a high performance plasterboard for use in internal areas of high humidity and temporary external exposure.  Sound panel offers enhanced levels of sound performance and a greater density, making it ideal for residential applications.  Fire panel offers superior fire protection.  All of the boards are available with tapered or square edges in various thicknesses.

We also stock a range of plasters to suit most applications, including, but not limited to:  Browning – An undercoat plaster for solid backgrounds of moderate suction; Bonding – An undercoat plaster for low suction backgrounds; Multi-Finish – A versatile final coat plaster for a wide range of backgrounds; Board Finish – A final coat plaster for low to medium suction backgrounds; Dri-Coat – A cement based undercoat plaster for application after installation of a damp proof course (DPC).

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